FridayReads, Promo’s and BIG NEWS

Finished my re-read of Blaze by Stephen King. Just as good as I remembered. Check it out if you’ve not read it. Despite its thin supernatural elements, it’s a good crime novel with a heart.

Now I’m reading I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison. I’m about 40% through it (using the feature on my Kindle Paperwhite). It’s good. I’m interested to read Web Of The City (when Hard Case Crime re-release it in a couple of months) and Spiderkiss by Ellison, to see how he works a whole novel.

I have Far From Home: Volume 1 on free promotion today and tomorrow. Please pick up a copy, read it, and leave a review.

The BIG NEWS is that the new Kindle All-Stars anthology, Carnival of Cryptids, is out very soon. We have a cover:



My story, ABC, appears alongside work by William Vitka and others. And it’s a great anthology. I’m not just saying that. I was proud as punch to appear in Resistance Front alongside Harlan Ellison and Alan Dean Foster last time around…but I think this anthology is better. It’s tighter, and I love the way the stories are linked in the fashion of The Twilight Zone.

The cover art has a story. Bernard put a call out for people to offer up potential cover art, and I sent a few ideas. Some rough mock-ups. Last-time around, I came up with the basic version of the KAS logo, which then went to Glendon who spiffed it up and made it something much much better. This time I found a fantastic piece of artwork called “Watson and the Shark” by John Singleton Copley, but I couldn’t quite get it to work. So after a couple of emails we both agreed to approach Keri Knutson, who does some fantastic work in designing covers. Thankfully she agreed, and the above is the end result.

Keri is a true star, and her covers are always reasonably priced. Also, she managed to get the cover to work within hours. We didn’t have to wait days. Her site is and she’s well worth a look if you’re looking to take your self-published work to the next level.

I guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.

As for Carnival of Cryptids, if you’d like to help us spread the word (and raise money for charity in the process) then give me a holler and I’ll pass it on.

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