After A Little While Away

Nanowrimo: Family and personal stuff came up, and I just lost my way with it around the 30k mark. I’m going to continue with it in the new year. But hey, I might not have done nanowrimo…but I have 30k of a novel written! On the downside, I don’t think I’ll ever attempt it again. To try and write 50k in one month is, for me, a hell of a lot. I think I’m most comfortable at the 25k mark a month MAX.

Far From Home: I’ve just sent the Far From Home short story collection, Death and Glory, to my editor Laurie. Next on the slate is to finish Far From Home 4: Directive for a January release. Really excited about this one. Big story lines coming up for 4, 5 and 6 trust me.


Reading: Didn’t quite make it through ALL of my reading list, but then I did keep adding to it and adding to it as I went. So I’m rolling what’s left over to next year. So far this year I’ve read about 30 books which is really good for me. I’m reading The Hobbit right now, ahead of seeing it next Friday in HF3D (which I’m really piss-your-pants-excited about) and then after that I’ll be reading Infected by William Vitka.

I have literally two weeks (10 days) of work left before Christmas. I can’t wait. I really wanted to have a Christmas ebook out in time, but I’ve missed it. Maybe next year.

Well, I hope you’re all well. I’m getting myself back on track in terms of my writing now. Although I wrote 30k on Ascension in November, and about 10k on FFH4, it doesn’t feel like I’ve written anything for ages. Weird.

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