Nanowrimo Update 3

I am now at 25k. So halfway. As long as I write a minimum of 1,500 words a day until the end of the month, I’ll make it. I reckon I can do 2k a day easily, now that all of the birthdays etc are out of the way.

I haven’t read much of The Historian this past week. My head’s been in the game. I also wrote a few notes in my downtime for future projects. I’m finding this a good experience. I used to look at 10k as a big hurdle to get over. I then looked at 25k as the big hurdle. Well, I’ve just broken that.

I KNOW the other 25k will come easily now that I’ve conquered my fear. And what will this mean for me every month? Am I capable of writing this amount all the time? I hope so. A lot of writers do it, with ease.

In the meantime, Far From Home still does well. I purchased a bluray boxset of all 8 Harry Potter films too. Mind you, I don’t know when I’m going to get to watch them.

My writing music this week has been Wrecking Ball by the Boss himself. And the track “Land of Hope and Dreams” features the recently deceased Clarence Clemons. It was nice to hear Bruce still including him in there somewhere.

So, till next week….

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