The Search For #FridayReads

This week I’ve been reading Master & Commander by Patrick O’Brian. I’ve also read The Slender Man by Simon John Cox. It comes out over Halloween, and trust me it will scare the pants off of you!

I brought Prometheus on bluray and I think it’s a better film when you rewatch it – although I thought it was excellent anyway.

I found my old Daft Punk – Discovery album, and have really enjoyed writing along to it. On that note, I’ve finished Far From Home 3: Hero. I’m rewriting it, polishing it up, and then it will be sent to Laurie for editing.

I’m now writing the first draft of Ascension throughout November as nanowrimo, but between then and now, I’ll be working on a collection of Far From Home short stories called Death and Glory. One of them is done, and it features Abe from The Stars My Redemption.

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