Look What I Just Realized! Sales Rank Info!

I went into Author Central to update the description of Far From Home 2: Commander and The Stars My Redemption, and clicked through to Sales Info, and then Rank Over Time.

I hadn’t noticed that feature before. Maybe I’m slow. It shows where you’re at in sales rank, updated on an hourly basis. As you can see from the above where I’ve underlined it, Far From Home 1: Legend is doing well now that Amazon have made it permanently free – thanks to everyone who helped me getting that done.

Arrow 1:

You’ll notice it shows a nifty graph next to the product image, for quick visual ref. Then a green or red arrow, with how many ranks you’ve jumped so far. It’s an easy way of spotting your bestsellers. In the US that is. In my case, these are no surprise to me. Tutti Frutti has done well since I released it, really. Much better in the UK, where it’s ranking hovers around the 5k mark pretty much all the time, with a few exceptions. Meanwhile, my Far From Home series is just getting off the ground so I expect the ranking of those titles (and The Stars My Redemption) to improve over time.

Arrow 2:

You’ll see that I’m working on Far From Home 3: Hero right now. But just like everyone else, I can’t resist slacking off to do something else. Like change the descriptions. Nose about Author Central. Check my sales. Check my Gmail. Come here, write this post…Oops.

By the way, if you look to the right of my site, you’ll notice I’ve added a widget for nanowrimo (which I’m now doing – I’ll be writing the first draft of Ascension through it) and that I am now reading Master and Commander. It works out I’ve read 26 or so books this year. Not bad. I still have so many to go though, and just as I start getting the list down, I find more I want to add to it.

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