My Future #FridayReads Inspired By… @Joe_Hill

This week I moved onto the last in Arthur C. Clarke’s Odyssey series, 3001. It’s a better read than 2061, the weakest entry in the series. It has its moments, but at times Clarke is just going through the motions. However with 3001 it’s like he’s back on form, writing a real honest-to-god sequel to 2001.

I’ve been writing Far From Home 3: Hero and am now over half way through. Well on track for an October release.

Following on from Joe Hill’s list of his Top 50 Books, I’m now curious to read Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian, the first in the Aubrey/Maturin series. It runs to about 20 books all told. I actually fancy reading something a little different, and this could do the trick I think. Though of course I have the rest of my reading list to get through before the end of the year…

I’ve been listening to AC/DC Live, which I’ve discovered is THE perfect soundtrack to writing action scenes.

So there we go. Short and sweet I’m afraid. I’ll let you know how I get on with Master and Commander. And if I get hooked on a 20+ series of books, I only have Joe Hill to blame. I’ll be sure to tell my wife that when I push for more book space…

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