Your Chance To Be A Character In Far From Home 3: Hero!!!

The publication of Far From Home 2: Commander is just a few days away, and I’m already writing Far From Home 3: Hero for an October release.

So, for Far From Home 3 I’m offering the chance for 3 lucky people to have a part in the book. To be a character in the book, here’s what you have to do:

1) Either download Far From Home 1: Legend from Smashwords ( HERE ) or purchase it from Amazon ( HERE ) or e-mail me at tonyleehealey @ gmail dot com and I’ll send you a free copy in either .doc or .pdf format. customers can grab it ( HERE ).

2) Read it (if you haven’t already), and leave a review on and letting me know what you think.

3) Then just e-mail me with a link to your review. That’s it!

The first 3 people to do this will be able to ‘play’ a character in the book. I will use your name, physical description and can even work in your country of origin if you want.

I get some feedback on Far From Home 1: Legend in the form of review on Amazon, and you will get to be a part of an on-going series.

As well being in the book, you will also receive special mention in an afterword at the end of the book, as an extra little thank you for your support.

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