My God… It’s Full Of #FridayReads !

Finished my re-read of 2001 yesterday. I forgot bits of it, and it was a pleasure experiencing them again from a fresh perspective as it’s been a while. Now I’m onto 2010.

So, #FridayReads this week 2010: Odyssey Two

I’ve been listening to Robert Cray and a little bit of Holst’s The Planets.

I’ve been watching Mount Pleasant (one of the best and funnies shows on UK TV at the moment) and the blu-ray of Apollo 13. Phenomenal story of survival and bravery, and although a few of the effects shots are a little dated, 90% of it still stands up. I think they could do with a Special Edition, updating it and perhaps converting it to 3D. The first astronauts to brave the vacuum truly were pioneers, and Apollo 13 is a fitting testament to their intrepid spirit.

I’ve fallen behind in getting Far From Home 2: Commander finished, but I should still be able to make an end of September release. Other things have got in the way, and pushed it back a bit. Suffice to say that this time I won’t be pausing between FFH2 and 3, I’ll be going from one straight into the other. They do sort of lead into each other anyway. FFH2 ends on a massive cliffhanger.

By the way Far From Home #1: Legend has arrived on the NOOK!

I wrote a guest post at Michael Shean’s blog this week, where I shared my thoughts on modern-day serial fiction. You can read that HERE. Also be sure to check out Michael’s own (more in-depth) post HERE on the same subject. Makes for great reading.

In fact, whilst you’re at it, check out Michael’s site where you can find links to his work:

Oh and before I go, my pal Jim is starting up a new web series called Timeglass which promises to make use of multiple choice and hyperlinks within the text, for an immersive reading experience. You can check that out HERE (and be sure to keep revisiting it).

Now that’s all from me. So in the words of Saint Springer: “Take care of yourselves… and each other. Now bring me a bottle of Jack and two whores!”

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