#FridayReads and Review of SHADOW OF A DEAD STAR

Okay. This week, my FridayReads is Shadow of a Dead Star by Michael Shean. I’ve finished it, but I want you lot to read it too. See the review below.

I’ve started to read the Metal Gear Solid novelisation by Raymond Benson – Ugh. So much he could have done with it but didn’t. Such a shame. I had high hopes. I’ve been replaying the original game, too, and I’m sad to say I’ve enjoyed that more than the book.

Sorry Mr. Benson. Light entertainment is fine, but there’s expectations and on this the book just didn’t deliver.

Next week I begin re-reading 2001, 2010, 2061 and 3001. I will be writing new reviews for each of them, and posting them here as well as Amazon. I’ve not read them in a while, and they’re well overdue a revisit. By the way, I posted a new page this week on Arthur C Clarke, so be sure to go and have a look RIGHT HERE.

This week I watched Tron: Legacy on blu. I quite like the film now. I get it. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a lot like the old Disney The Black Hole. It is pants, but it’s kind of good pants. There’s something off-kilter and charming about it. And Tron: Legacy is visually splendid. Let’s not forget that.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to 2001, to get me in the mood for next week. I’ve been writing Remnant, a time-travel story for an upcoming time-travel short story antho, and going through the edits of ABC with Laurie. I’ve also been diving into Far From Home 2: Commander. So well on track and on schedule.

Here’s the review I posted on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for Shadow Of A Dead Star by Michael Shean:

Deeply layered and very thoroughly thought out – on all levels – SHADOW OF A DEAD STAR is a heady mix of noir, cyberpunk, and elements of prophetic scifi that takes you on the kind of journey you’ll not want to end.

If you are a fan of William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, and Raymond Chandler, then you’ll love SHADOW OF A DEAD STAR.

I enjoyed this book immensely, and will be checking out the rest of Michael’s work out as soon as I have time.

As another reviewer said somewhere, “If it gets into enough hands, Shadow of a Dead Star is going to have a huge following.”

I can’t disagree. It would be a crime for this novel, and this talented author, to go unread by the masses. Michael deserves every bit of praise he gets for his work here in this fine book.

I for one can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves next.

Check it out.

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