Some NANOWRIMO plans

I say it every year, and I never do it. I know why. I struggle to hit the required 50,000 words in a month. To some people that’s probably a breeze. To me, that is a gargantuan amount of words to tackle in 30 days.

But I still have that urge to do it. And I have a gap, funnily enough, in my writing schedule for the Far From Home series, in November. In that month I don’t have any Far From Home to write at all. So I’m thinking I’ll attempt Nanowrimo again… but with my own twist.

There’s 30 days in November, so I’m going to write my Nanowrimo baby as 30 blog posts. Whether they’re 2,000 words each or 100 words each doesn’t matter. This is my own twist on it. I’ll have a vague outline to work from, because that’s how I work. But apart from that it will be real seat-of-the-pants fiction, posted daily. At the end of November, I’ll do a second draft and have it edited. Whether I end up with something novella length, or a novel, will be interesting to see I think.

November. 30 days. 30 blog posts, containing a chapter each.

At the end of it…? Who knows. I could end up with anything.

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