Visit to Portsmouth and the Isle Of Wight

A few snaps I’m going to share. I took quite a few in the end, so these are just a handful.


I’ve been through the tourist part of the dock before, a few years ago. You get to visit HMS Warrior, the HMS Victory (where you get to see the exact spot Admiral Nelson died following the battle of Trafalgar) and what remains of King Henry VIII’s flagship, the Mary Rose.


For more on this impressive, 500-ft tower check out the Wiki HERE


I’ve never seen one of these first hand. These snaps were taken from the slow old ferry we took from Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde, on the Isle of Wight.




A few snaps of the kids on the beach at Ryde. My wife found me some good looking shells there (she knows I enjoy collecting that sort of thing) and I think she found a fossil. I’ll put a picture of it up tomorrow, and maybe someone can tell me if I’m right.

Oh, and here’s a snap from last weekend when we visited Paradise Park in Newhaven.

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