Editing and Formatting Services from the Kindle All-Stars

Let me just say that I’ve used the Kindle All-Stars Editorial services for several projects so far.
Burial, Dark Orb, The Stars My Redemption, and Tutti Frutti. It is a professional service, competitively priced, fast and reliable.
All of my projects have been turned around on-time, and to spec.
I also found Bernard’s guide to formatting for Kindle very helpful in ironing out a few issues I was having.
As they say “you’ve got to be in it to win it.” This applies to publishing to Kindle. Don’t even think about doing so without involving the services of the Kindle All-Stars. You won’t regret it!
Reliable, Affordable, Invaluable
  • Suffering from one-star reviews?
  • Readers complaining that your book was not proofread?
  • High rate of return?
The single biggest complaint authors receive from readers is that their books are not properly edited.  Let the Kindle All-Stars turn your book into the professional product it needs to be in order to compete.
There is a glut of free books on Amazon right now, as well as .99 wonders that are leaving readers confused and desperate for quality reads.  The simple fact is that if your book has not been professionally edited, it is not ready for publication.
  • What About the Cost?
Of all the investments you should make in your book, editing is the most important.  There are multiple services out there that provide varying qualities and costs, but at the KAS we offer a pre-arranged fixed price and a proven track record.
KAS editors will help your individual voice to shine through during the initial draft and provide a final proofread to make sure your book is publication-ready.
Contact Laurie Laliberte at KindleAllStars@gmail.com today to take the first step toward making your book a best-seller.

For a full list of books edited by the Kindle All-Stars, see below.

Laurie Laliberte is the Head of Editing Services for the KAS.  Read her essays about Editing to get a better idea of what to expect here and here.


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