An Update on Far From Home – Week 1

Just thought I’d tell you all how it’s going.

My plan is to write 1 instalment of Far From Home every month. Write a first draft in 2 weeks or less, then do a second draft and polish, then have it edited professionally (through the Kindle All-Stars) ready for publication. So that’s really 1 novella a month, from first draft to publication to the Kindle Store.

Totally doable.

So this is week 1. Obviously I have tomorrow to go yet, but so far I’ve hit 11k words, and 81 pages. Considering I was hitting for 120-150 pages, I’m well on target. There are 18 chapters, and I’m now starting chapter 10. So about halfway.

So far it’s going to plan. I have a rough idea of what will happen in each book. However I’m going to plot in detail each book as I come to it, to keep the process fresh. This should allow for some big cliffhangers along the way. Obviously, this is the more difficult instalment to write as it sets the scene, kick-starts the main story, and introduces the majority of characters. In subsequent parts, we will learn much more about the other crew of the Defiant and I promise to make it all as interesting, and relevant, as possible.

I have an afternoon to myself next Thursday, so I’m planning on doing a writing sprint and wrapping this up on that day. That way I can let it rest for the weekend, then start a second draft and polish the following week.

Anyway, more next week. We’ll see how this goes. If I have to slow down and do 1 instalment every 2 months, then I will. But I don’t want to. I think it’s realistic to be able to produce a novella in a month and this is a great way of writing a multi-part series.

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