Reader Competition! Win a FREE paperback!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I am giving away FREE paperback copies of The Stars My Redemption to the first 5 readers who simultaneously leave a review on and

These paperback copies are NOT available for sale anywhere else and feature special variant cover art.

All you have  to do is read the book, leave a review, and send me an email to tonyleehealey at gmail dot com with a link to it. I’ll then ask for your details so that I can send you a FREE paperback. It’s that simple.

I can provide reader copies of the book in .doc and .pdf format on request, or you can purchase it for only $2.99 right HERE.

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your reviews! May the best 5 men or women win!

UPDATE! The first of the 5 reviews is in! 4 of 5 stars from “AaronNoir” who wrote:

“The Stars My Redemption is loads of fun and reads at a blistering pace. Abe is a bitterly cynical man who gave up believing in the value of life a long time ago. He’s a galactic criminal who wanders from score to score leaving a bloody trail of human and alien carcasses, but there’s a stubborn crumb of humanity left inside of him. This is the story of how he rediscovers that lost part of himself and what he decides to do about it.
The book is more vintage pulp than contemporary hard science fiction. There are no paragraphs explaining how the technology works, but there is foul language, a little sex, and a lot of violence. The action sequences remind me of Robert E. Howard. Abe would fit in well with Conan the Barbarian and Solomon Kane.”

There are 4 more copies waiting to be won. All you have to do is read my book, and leave an honest review.

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