Paperbacks of The Stars My Redemption Coming Soon

I’ve gone through a bit of trial and error with and hopefully I’ve ironed out the kinks in the physical edition of The Stars My Redemption. Soon I will have a link to Lulu where readers can buy a physical copy, if they so wish, at a 30% reduction. It’s the maximum it allows me to set it.

I will also be running a competition soon, for signed copies. More details on that later.

I don’t really have much interest in getting paperbacks of my stuff into Amazon. I’m happy to be Kindle-Exclusive, with the paperbacks an optional extra for those who really want them. That’s why I’ve not rushed to do it.

Anyway, I will have more on that competition soon. For now, here is the variant back and front cover for The Stars My Redemption, the paperback. You’ll have to use your imagination for the spin down the middle:

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