#FridayReads and some stuff for you all to listen to

Okay. So I’ve got through the first 100 pages of my #fridayreads, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Only another 500 to go. It’s a dense book. But I have to say I’m really enjoying it.

This week I watched Uncle Buck, Beavis and Butthead, and Episode 2 of ‘Oceans.’ It’s an 8 part series, with episode 3 on Sunday detailing the Red Sea. It’s not your usual nature program, and really delves into some of the stuff you don’t normally see.

I’ve been listening to Mark Knopfler’s Sailing To Philadelphia. Here’s a link to What It Is, the first track of the album

I’ve also been listening to the soundtrack of Prometheus.

The two stand-out tracks, for me, are the following Life and A Friend From The Past. I thought that Life was a brilliant little theme to have coursing through the film. And of course A Friend From The Past is a slight reworking of a theme from Alien, providing a direct musical link.

I’m writing my first erotic novella, entitled tutti frutti. I’m 50 pages into it at the moment, and things are… er… heating up. I’m looking for beta readers for it, so if you’d like to get involved drop me an email tonyleehealey at gmail dot com

I’m hoping to release tutti frutti in July

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