Writing Update 27/06

A brief update here.

So, I’m stuck on Adolf Hitler Must Die. I’m not blocked or anything, it’s just that I can’t decide on the best approach to one of my characters and rather than rush it and make the wrong decision, I’m working on something else until a solution arises. It happens. I’d rather be pecking away at something else than not writing anything at all.

So, projects on the go at the moment:

Adolf Hitler Must Die (writing but stalled)

Memory: A novella (exactly halfway through)

tutti frutti: an erotic novella (writing this week)

My plan with tutti frutti is to finish the first draft of it this week. I’m writing every day, monday to friday, and will finish it if not by Friday then the weekend. Then I can finish up Memory, and then dive back into Adolf Hitler Must Die.

While you’re working on new stuff, I think you’ve got to have new content coming out on a regular basis. Finishing tutti frutti and Memory will allow me to do that. I can release them while I’m writing Adolf Hitler Must Die.

I put The Stars My Redemption on FREE promotion yesterday, and it pretty much stormed the charts. I’m interested to see if its fantastic performance translates to some actual sales. I’ve now raised the price from 99c to $2.99 as there weren’t that many sales at 99c. I think sometimes people think “WHY is that book only 99c? Must be crap.” Hence why I’ve raised the price.

Anyway, writing continues this week. I’m getting down and dirty with my first piece of erotica.

Here’s the covers for tutti frutti and Memory:

These aren’t pie in the sky projects. These are being done and will be available soon. Watch this space.

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