Some great little snaps.

Memories by Me Photography

I have three boys – aged 6, 9 & 11. To say they are alike would be false. They are all actually very unique, very different and I’m often amazed at how I think I have raised them the same, yet they are all completely different from one another. Sure, they have their similarities, but they also have their differences. They all have their own interests, and often disagree on what is “cool”. The one thing they all love though is Lego. Their ages are such that they don’t necessarily do things together all the time, but if you put a lego project in front of them, they all gravitate to it and work together to finish it. Last night the three of them sat here at the table, without fighting for longer than an hour {insert miracle here}. It was past their bedtime, and it was a Sunday night…

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