Review: Strange Kisses

Here is my ***** 5 Star review of Strange Kisses by Laurie Laliberte, as posted at Amazon:

The stories in Strange Kisses fall more within romance than erotica. But, I think you can safely say they’re ‘naughty romance.’ I had the pleasure of reading most of them prior to publication and Laurie is certainly as good at writing as she is at editing. Her prose is lean and refined, and her sense of humour is happily present throughout.

My favourite story from Strange Kisses was ‘Red Lipstick.’ It was very mature and controlled in how it handled the sex, and in fact I would point to it as a master class of erotic fiction writing.

All in all a great collection. You get four real firecracker stories, and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

In fact… I guarantee you just might get all hot under the collar…

You can purchase STRANGE KISSES here:

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