Further Thoughts On Prometheus

The wife and I watched Bruce Almighty. It’s an OK film. Not brilliant. Watchable.

Anyway, we got to talking about how shit Evan Almighty was.

“It was a flop, too,” my wife said.

“I’ll check that out now,” I said. I jumped immediately on wikipedia and looked it up.

Evan Almighty cost $175,000,000

It made $173,000,000

So a flop.

“I can’t believe that pile of shit cost that much,” I said. “Somebody sat in a boardroom and gave that the green light.”

I had a look at how much Prometheus cost.

It cost $130,000,000.

I was gob-smacked. If you put my minor criticisms of the film (in my post yesterday) aside, what Scott achieved with that $130mill is mind blowing. Evan Almighty had $40-50mill MORE and it was complete and utter shit.

Just goes to show. Sometimes with these big budget movies you need a big name director to come in and make sure a studio is getting bang for its buck. Also, it shows how much crap gets the green light in Hollywood these days.

You know, Wrath of the Titans anyone?

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