Trip to London May 29th 2012

Visited the Natural History Museum today, and then the London Aquarium. Really wanted to walk past the palace as well, but we just ran out of time. The traffic in the city centre is horrendous, not like it is normally in my opinion. It took far too long to travel around London via the buses. Usually they’re quick and convenient.

A few good snaps of Parliment and Big Ben, and the muddy dirty old Thames. Blargh.

Tested out a Hurrican Simulator. The wife practically wet herself watching me struggle to breathe as winds of 80mph or so pushed down on me from above. A funny experience. Glad my hair is short. I’d have walked out of it looking like a flat top.

I don’t know who the old girl is. I think she’s dancing.

Gucci advertisment for the Once Upon A Time In America re-release


Harrods Entrance

Harrods window displays

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum – Wife, Daughter and Sister bottom left

As you walk in, the famous dinosaur in the entrance

The tail of said dinosaur. I’m calling it dinosaur because I can’t remember which one it is

Fossilised tree stump




Big Ben



London Eye

Famous building. But it escapes me at the moment.

River boats on the Thames.

Big Ben towering over Parliment

Wife and daughter behold the Thames and Big Ben

Author with giant nose in Hurricane Simulator

Author struggling to breathe in Hurrican Simulator

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