The Making Of “The Stars My Redemption” PART 1

Hi all!

My good friend, author Bernard Schaffer has posted the first part of my blog takeover, which you can read by heading here:

Part 2 will appear tomorrow, at and part 3 will appear sunday at

On Monday I will re-blog it all, with links to all 3 in case you miss them.

New Story “Ray”

I wrote “Ray” this afternoon. Click the title to head straight there and read it.

David Hulegaard tweeted a prompt to both myself and Brendan Swogger that went as follows:

@FringeScientist @BrendanSwogger PROMPT: A bored kid sits in the backseat on a road trip. Something abnormal in the sky catches his eye. Go.

For some reason, the first thing I thought of was The Honeycroft Series. I haven’t revealed where the Honeycroft brother’s interest in UFO’s came from. Well, here it is. And you can thank David for it!

Now I’m really stoked to see what Brendan has come up with.

By the way, you can either purchase The Honeycroft Series Episode 1 from the Kindle Store OR you can download it for FREE by clicking HERE

No strings attached. Trust me. (Mwahahahahaha!)

#FridayReads #AmWriting and other bric-a-brac

In case you hadn’t realised, The Stars My Redemption is now out. It is priced at 99c if you’re in the US, and 77p if you’re in the UK. After June the pricing for both territories will go up to $2.99/£2.99 respectively, so grab it quick.

Well, I’ve been working away on Adolf Hitler Must Die this week. I’m completing the first group of chapters for consideration by Curiosity Quills for serialisation. If they don’t think it fits the bill for them, then I will serialise it here. I like the way Curiosity Quills operate. They’re nice people. It’ll be nice if we can do something together.

I’ve also been writing a 20 part flash fiction serial in the Fantasy vein called Kalar the Apprentice. It’s quick to write, but also quite hard in the sense that you’re trying to fit an entire chapters worth of story in 100 words. I’ve really enjoyed doing it. I’m hoping that will take it and serialise it over a course of days or weeks.

I’m still reading Noble by David Hulegaard. In truth I’ve not really done much reading this week. The eldest kids just got over chicken pox, and now the younger two have got it at the same time so it’s been hard fitting in much reading time.

I’ve been watching 24: Season 2  and I’ve been listening to A Momentary Lapse Of Reason by Pink Floyd (I really love this album, and as a hardcore Floyd fan I just don’t get why others don’t like it as much as The Wall and Dark Side Of The Moon. It’s quite brilliant).

Well, that’s it for this week.