Why I’m using page breaks

In a physical book, I see nothing wrong with dividing a chapter as follows:

Blah blah blah


Blah blah blah

But in a Kindle ebook, I don’t really think it works. I’ve used them myself, for example in my short story Burial, but I’ve never been impressed by how they transfer across.

When they’re set into a physical book, that’s it. That’s where they stay.

But in a Kindle edition? They could end up on the bottom of the page, out of place.

So starting with The Stars My Redemption, instead of using *** to divide a chapter, I will use a simple page break.

It does the same job, but ensures the text is separated enough without making it a new chapter, which is what I’m after.

Stylistically this probably breaks the rules. Oh well. It seems to me we’re all in the business of taking the established rules of publishing and rewriting them.

This is my contribution to the new rulebook.

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