You will remember that not so long ago I designed a logo for the Kindle All Stars project.
Well since then it has been re-developed between Glendon Haddix of Street Light Graphics and myself, into a new and improved high rez version. This new logo has now been put onto mugs, t-shirts, etc, all up for sale – with all proceeds going toward covering the overheads of the Kindle All Stars project and Charity. You can view all of the items available HERE.

My first logo:

My second stab at it:

The NEW and IMPROVED logo:

I love the ribbons at the top and bottom, just over the edges of the circle, and that we’ve retained the blue and red with a touch of royal gold. I also like that the circle is an off-white. Glendon has taken the original inspiration of the logo – Converse All Stars – and given it a shot of royalty and prestige. It looks sort of like a Presidential seal.

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