In this week’s issue of the science journal Nature, it is revealed that Voyager 1 has stopped feeling the push of the solar winds at its back, and is now heading into a transition zone delineating the edge of our galaxy, and interstellar space.

With new calculations around where our galaxy ends and deep space begins, it is believed that Voyager 1 could make the transition at any time. It apparently travels 1 billion miles every three years, so when it happens it will be soon.

So far the Voyagers have been travelling outward for 33 years. And what’s wonderful is that we will see Voyager 1 make it as the first spacecraft to travel into deep space within our lifetime. What will it find there? What lies beyond that point where no one has gone before?

(Sorry, I had to)

Head on over to the official site for the Voyager Mission.

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