The video above was filmed in Russia very recently and has been debunked by some as a rocket and by others as a satelite. Hmmm…

But what about this one? Is that a satelite too?

I think the governing bodies of this world are currently having a very hard time passing these events off as the result of human activity. It’s looking more and more as though we are experiencing a hive of extra-terrestrial activity at the moment.

It’s a no-brainer that there are two arguments for this. The first being that we have gone through a period of unprecedented political and geological upheaval recently. The second is that with modern video recording where it is right now, we’re in a much better place to film these events ad-hoc when they happen, and the quality of these recordings is far superior to what it was a few years ago.

How about the testimony of an RAF pilot from March of this year? And what about the UFO’s hovering over areas of Japan when the earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit?
Or the UFO’s filmed observing a tornado tearing through Oklahoma in May?

Check out the videos below.

Maybe they’re a sign that we’ll be seeing these guys soon. Better break out the best Presidential china…

Do you remember from a few months ago when I posted about the UFO filmed over Jerusalem? Check this video out.

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