The case of baseball star Rob Summers has hit all over the press at the moment, and if you haven’t read about it or watched anything about it, I’m about to re-direct you.

As the result of pioneering research funded by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which was set up to try and help the disabled Superman actor defy the prison of his body and walk again, Summers has been able to take his first small steps. Because of an horrific accident a few years ago, he was told that he would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But advances in the field of spinal cord research have helped researchers come up with a way of bypassing a broken spine, to work with the legs directly. They have developed a device for just that purpose, and hope that through their testing of it they can help Summers regain full control and use of his legs.

It was Christopher Reeve’s dream, to be free to walk again. Sadly he never did get to see that dream fulfilled. But perhaps in time Summers will walk as he once did.

Superman would be happy.

To read about the amazing breakthrough, which surely is just a stepping stone in the treatment of sudden paralysis, click HERE, HERE and HERE.


  1. Christopher Reeve is my favorite Superman, not only because it was a beautiful man on the outside, much like the character, but also because he was a beautiful person.

    I agree with you: He would be happy with this news.

    Thanks for posting this, Tony.

    1. If I remember rightly, there was some small progress made in getting Reeve a bit of feeling back in his legs, but it was obviously at the very beginnings of the Foundation’s research. This news with Rob Summers is fantastic, I think, and shows how quickly modern medicinal science can develop. In a few years we’ve gone from regaining a little feeling to getting some to walk, even if they are baby-steps. How long till a paraplegic can run?


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