On April 2nd, of this year, there were lights spotted hovering across the night sky in Chicago. They spooked enough people, as they went from travelling in a line to forming an arrow shape, that they made it onto the local news.

From ABC7 News:

An unusual sight was reported by some residents on Chicago’s South Side. They say something in the sky looked like UFOs were flying over Chicago.

Nicole Dragozetich was driving down 35th Street and Western at approximately 8 p.m. Saturday when she noticed at least a dozen people stopped in their tracks, staring at the sky. She used her cell phone to shoot video of what everyone was watching.

From weeklyworldnews:

“You could see the UFOS – just moving down the street. And they took form. At one point, it looked like an arrow, at another they looked like beanbag chairs.” Dragozetich said..

Dragozetich told WWN that she saw the lights hover over her car and she could see oragne and red aliens in the front of the spaceship. “I saw them, I definitely saw them,” she said.

Dragozetich said the lights were also orange, at the pattern they made was at times symmetrical, at times not.

I have had a similar experience. About a year ago, I finished work and was making my way home about midnight. I looked up at the sky and saw a line of glowing orange balls travelling south. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were definitely not aeroplanes, or anything like that, and I thought ‘Oh here we go, a fleet of alien ships’. I went home and watched the news for any mention of unidentified craft travelling over Brighton, but there was nothing. Investigating similar sightings on the internet over the next couple of days, I became convinced that what I had actually seen were chinese lanterns.

In my case, I think my ‘sighting’ was simply a mixture of seeing something strange in the sky and immediately associating it with UFO’s because that is the way my mind works. I can be subjective after the fact, but immediately I thought “Aliens!” and I think that a lot of people are like that.

I have no doubt that I did not see a fleet of invading alien craft that night, and was just another witness to chinese lanterns released a few miles away, floating past me.

You know, I would like to think that I’m fairly intelligent, but even so I am not above jumping to the conclusion that what I’m seeing does not have a rational explanation and must straight-away be something of a paranormal nature.

Shortly after reports of the lights over Chicago, it was revealed that they were most likely to be chinese lanterns released as a memorial to victims of child abuse at a rally organised by a city charity.

This is, no doubt, what they were. The fact that they changed formation can surely be put down to them being buffeted by the wind, shifting their direction and making it appear as if they were forming into organised patterns.

However the question I have to ask is: “How many UFO sightings like this are in fact chinese lanterns, and how many cases written off as chinese lanterns are, in fact, real UFO’s?”

Weigh in below in the comments section.


I couldn’t not include the two videos below.

Check out this one, discussing evidence of alien visitors in NASA footage. Also, note how appropriately creepy the narrators voice is:

As an extra bit of strangeness, how about this amazing video of a ‘morphing’ shape in the sky:

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