Over at, Kayla Lacovino has an article up discussing the claims of an astrobiologist to have found extraterrestrial microbes fossilized in a meteorite.
As she points out, this happened before in 1996, and in all truth it will probably happen again.

As exciting as it would be to find alien microbes and verify that they are of the ‘third kind’ I think that the public wouldn’t get too excited about it. Whilst for most the implications of actually finding evidence of a form of life beyond our planet would excite, for the general public this wouldn’t mean all that much.

When you say extraterrestrial life, you think ET. Not ET’s sneeze fossilized.

But then, following that train of thought, if you find ET’s sneeze, surely you eventually find ET…

Head on over to

Science Supplemental: Has a NASA Scientist Found Alien Life in Meteorites? Not Likely…

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