I was sent a link by @ExpeditionNovel and @RaftReload on twitter, referring me to a site, http://ovninews.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/ufo-pictures-from-nasa-server/

I know there has been a lot of posts from myself in the last few days relating to UFO’s – but I couldn’t resist posting something about this one. I would be foolish not to. Official NASA pictures showing an unidentified craft? Of course I’m posting about it.

At the site there is a video, embedded below, analysing some of the pictures on a NASA public server. Having watched the video and viewed the original source images, I do believe that they show something.

However in my opinion, whether they show an alien craft or something very top secret built by humans remains to be seen.

They’re not a smoking gun. But there is definitely a craft in these pictures and I think it is strange that NASA has not responded with a press statement explaining the craft away.

I have cropped and enlarged some from the original picture files below, so that you can see the craft for yourselves. You can go to the onvinews.wordpress.com site to get the links to the source files if you so wish.

Can we cross-reference these pictures with any UFO’s of a similar configuration taken from ground-based observers? As I’ve stated it is either a UFO of an alien design, or it is one of our birds. But I’ve never seen anything like this.

These pictures were taken by astronauts. So they’ve been seen with human eyes. We’ve had former astronauts come out before stating that they’ve seen UFO’s whilst out in space. Is it a common thing? Do they know they’re not alone when they’re working up there?

I don’t know what is more frightening – that we are visited by multiple alien craft all the time, or that our governments know about it and hide the truth from us. It is the fundamental question at the heart of all those who believe in UFO’s, and one that remains as yet unanswered.

Go to onvinews and have a look at all of the images yourselves.



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