There is some evidence that we were visited by beings not of this planet, dating back throughout Earth’s history – or rather, the history of homosapiens tenure of this world. These include mysterious hieroglyphics found in Egyptian tombs, to strange (and out of place) scratches on the walls of caves by primitive man… even through to Mayan culture, which may very well have been influenced and nurtured by something from another world.

From the pyramids, to the structures on Easter Island, to the assemblage of oblong stones at Stonehenge. History is replete with questionable findings that do seem to hint at contact with a higher intelligence at early stages in human history. And much like the Easter Island monoliths of stone with faces carved into them, there are signs that visitors to this planet were worshipped like gods, with temples and followers.

And there are artifacts; look at the crystal skulls that have been found over the last few centuries. Some have been created by modern means for sensationalism – but some seem to defy belief. Artifacts like that seem to have come from so long ago, and yet created with more skill
and precision than we could manage today.


You can see why some believe, and possibly rightly so, that we have been influenced at stages in our progression as a species, as a culture, by some form of life ‘not of this Earth’.

There is an opinion that we may have drawn a lot of attention from alien visitors during the cold war, by exhibiting our newly found mastery of the atom.

It was quite a leap to go from spear-throwers, to stone carvers, to working with metals, creating industry, discovering electricity… to splitting the atom. We had proven that we had the skill to create a weapon of awesome power – and one capable of indescribable destruction. Perhaps our unleashing of atomic energy made other civilizations aware of us. We have technologies now capable of detecting a nuclear detonation on the other side of the planet. So it is therefore conceivable that an alien intelligence, far more advanced than we, would have a means of detecting this kind of weapon from light years away.

There are many documented incidents relating to UFO’s throughout the period of the cold war.

In 1982 a saucer-shaped UFO was reportedly spotted above a nuclear missile base outside of Byelokoroviche, in the Ukraine. It hovered and rotated and as it did so, the nuclear missiles in the base began to launch. It took the engineers only seconds to regain control of the launch systems and stop them going off, but for those few frantic seconds it was evident to them all that something else was in control of the missiles – perhaps the UFO hovering in the sky above them. Had they not stopped the launch, the missiles would have flown to the US and detonated, causing a full-scale nuclear war.

Another well-known incident was that which took place at Fort Monmouth, in September of 1951. You can read a very detailed account of the incident, by clicking HERE

There is an endless list of such incidents, as investigated and documented by the UFO investigator Robert Hastings. He documented the experiences of over 120 former and retired US Air Force personnel involved in such incidents since 1973, presenting his findings in 1981. He has since worked to bring to the public’s attention his findings of these events, as he believes from conducting his investigations that there is a real case to be made for UFO monitoring of Nuclear facilities, devices and operations.

You can watch Robert Hastings talking about his work and his findings below:

Yes you could say that all of these witness statements actually refer to top secret aircraft being tested, and spotted by chance. But does it stretch credibility to refute all of the UFO sightings like this? I believe it does. Some of the accounts from witnesses are so outlandish in their descriptions of the technology on display that surely they cannot all be relating to craft designed and built by human hands.

There are enigmas and unanswered mysteries relating to what has been found around the world, but no hard fact that human civilization has been nurtured by an extraterrestrial intelligence in the past. We can only assume.

However that is not to say that we have not been observed and monitored, especially in modern times perhaps as I have stated because our rapid developments of the last century or so have brought us newfound attention.

If there are beings who have visited the Earth and are visiting it today, then who knows what they make of us. Perhaps it is like H. G. Wells described it; like germs studied under a microscope by intelligences far greater than our own. I am not saying we are an experiment to them, but perhaps we are amusing.

If the exposure of official documents containing references to UFO’s by wikileaks does come to pass, and we do learn that in fact the governments of the world have had knowledge of frequent visitations, then perhaps we will get some of the answers we seek. There is a revolution, some would say, and that revolution is one built on information. Wikileaks is pushing this kind of revolution with exposure of information to the public domain. They say they have information about UFO’s. I for one believe them. How revelatory it is, who knows? I hope it is game-changing. I hope we get proof. I cannot wait to hear the responses from the different governments of the world. Surely in such an event, simple denial will no longer be an acceptable response.
Was human civilization influenced by alien beings? Was human history changed and affected by these visitors from the stars? Did the actions and developments by the super powers during the cold war prompt an increase in visitors from other worlds?
There isn’t enough proof… yet. But perhaps in time there will be.

Further reading:

Take a look at what is meant to be real KGB footage of a crashed craft, filmed in March, 1969. Apparently the film has been studied and examined, and there is very little to say that it is a fake.

Click HERE to learn more about it.

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The site of UFO investigator Robert Hastings HERE

An article written by Robert Hastings about UFO sightings at Nuclear Weapons storage areas HERE and has an extensive account of his sources.

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