In this second video, Kaku talks UFO’s

2 thoughts on “MICHIO KAKU ON… UFO’S

  1. I saw UFO´s those years: 1) 1966 – 2) 1972 – 3) 1974. Each one of this sightings were documentated by local newspapers, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was not alone but with a LOT of people around me, looking the same objects that had no wandering movements. They were flying in circles quite extensive, up and down, appeared, then disappeared and changed their colors…

    Although “they” say that there is no scientific evidence on the existence of UFOs, the reality is that there are very many examples of his sightings since the beginning of humankind, including cave paintings.

    I congratulate you for creating a site where everyone can be informed about these issues. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you enjoyed the post. There will be something coming up that deals with visitations of a more historic or ancient nature.

      My thanks for visiting,


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