Tony Healey is a Sussex-based writer and a born-and-bred Brightonian. He is the author of the best-selling Far From Home series.

He was a contributor to the first Kindle All-Stars short story anthology, Resistance Front, along with award-winning authors Alan Dean Foster, Harlan Ellison and 30 others.Tony has also contributed a piece of flash fiction to the anthology 100 Horrors.

As well as his writing, he’s interviewed numerous figures in the publishing world for his site, including Bernard Schaffer, Meg Gardiner, Alan Dean Foster, Debbi Mack, Russell Brooks and many, many more.


Praise For The Work Of Tony Healey:


“Tony is just one of the coolest people out there in the independent publishing world” – Bernard Schaffer, author of Whitechapel, Superbia, The Guns of Seneca 6 and other bestsellers.


“As I read, I can almost see Mr. Healey leaning in over his keyboard and salivating as he visualises himself there right next to Abe in his crazy adventures…” – David Hulegaard, author of Noble, Strangers, and Noble: Bloodlines.


“… A hurtling runaway train of sci-fi adventure!” – Simon John Cox, author of The Restoration Man, Distant Machines, and two as-yet un-published novels.


“Fun, snappy and action-filled… put’s me in mind of the pulp sci-fi I’ve always loved, but with more panache…” – Keri Knutson, author of Darker By Degree, Director’s Cut, and other bestsellers.


“Brutally competent, he’s a science fiction anti-hero in the finest tradition… like I said, the story is fun!” – Richard Roberts, author of Wild Children, Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Teeth, Quite Contrary, and others.


“I like the over-the-top, B-movie, not-quite-pulp style…” – Laurie Laliberte, Editor for The Kindle All-Stars, which seeks to offer professional editing and marketing services to independent authors.


“This is the best writing Tony Healey has done so far as a science fiction author, the best storytelling, and best quality of format. This kind of writing and storytelling puts him up there with the best science fiction authors of our time… comparable to the kind of quality produced by Steven Spielberg or M. Knight Shyamalan…” – Customer Review

“Burial is an old fashioned nail biter. The prose is tinged with humor, then desperation… the writing is so good and the story scary-fun… I’d like to see an anthology of Healey’s short stories.” – Customer Review

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