First of all, some Far From Home news. I will be writing Black Nova Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 over the coming weeks, so look out for those. There will also be a collected edition, or omnibus with all 6 for one discounted price (see below).

Black Nova Omnibus

In the meantime, I’ve been steadily working with Bernard Schaffer on his Confederation Reborn series. So far there are 3 available that we’ve written together. Details on those here: There is also a 3-parter written by Bernard on his own, subtitled “Return Fire” and a collaboration between Bernard and my good friend Simon John Cox with the story “Fool’s Gambit”.

Every title in the Confederation Reborn series can be found here:

The stories Bernard and I have been working on follow the voyages of Captain Kirn and his legendary starship, the Endeavor. As I said we have 3 out already, with another 3 on the way. We’re also working up a 9 or 10 part mini-series. The story we’ve worked up for it is truly epic in my opinion. If you enjoyed the long-form storytelling, and serialization of Far From Home, this will be right up your alley. If you’re wondering where we are with it, I’m working on sections of episode 3 as we speak.

If you haven’t yet read A Brightly Flickering Flame, The Fire Eternal and Dusts of Creation, please do so. We’d love to know what you make of them.

We think they’ll blow you away.


Bernard Schaffer has assembled a wildly talented group of storytellers to create a new saga in science fiction. Simultaneously paying homage to the most beloved franchise in history, while twisting it to their own unique vision, the Confederation Reborn series is instantly familiar, and like nothing you’ve read before.

Join Tony Healey (Far From Home) and Bernard Schaffer (Grendel Unit, Superbia, and Guns of Seneca 6) as they team up for CONFEDERATION REBORN!

Available Titles

Flickering Flame v22

A Brightly Flickering Flame

Captain William Kirn is the most beloved, most decorated officer in the history of Confederation. He’s also the only one with a disciplinary action named after him for consorting with female officers. Now, readers will see firsthand how this swashbuckling legend earned his reputation as the classic crew of the ICSS Endeavor does battle with a dreaded Korgon warship.

Purchase from

Purchase from


The Fire Eternal

The Fire Eternal

William Kirn is an old man, living in a remote cabin, far from the days when he was the greatest captain in Confederation. After a lifetime in space, he seems destined to wind down his days doing little more than sitting on his porch, trying to forget his mistakes. The arrival of a mysterious woman will change all that, and with her comes the offer of an adventure unlike anything he’s ever dreamed.

Purchase from

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dusts of creation

Dusts Of Creation

The crew of Captain Kirn’s Endeavor investigates a pending lunar impact, only to discover a colony of religious fanatics who reject everything Confederation stands for.
Written by best-selling authors Bernard Schaffer and Tony Healey, the Confederation Reborn series pays homage to sci-fi’s most beloved series, while breaking completely new ground.

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Purchase from


The latest Schaffer/Healey joint, THE FIRE ETERNAL, is now available!

Here’s the write-up for this adventure featuring Captain William Kirn and the crew of the Endeavor:

William Kirn is an old man, living in a remote cabin, far from the days when he was the greatest captain in Confederation. After a lifetime in space, he seems destined to wind down his days doing little more than sitting on his porch, trying to forget his mistakes. The arrival of a mysterious woman will change all that, and with her comes the offer of an adventure unlike anything he’s ever dreamed.


fire eternal bg

Also available in the CONFEDERATION REBORN series:

A BRIGHTLY FLICKERING FLAME by Bernard Schaffer & Tony Healey

THE FIRE ETERNAL by Bernard Schaffer & Tony Healey

FOOL’S GAMBIT by Bernard Schaffer & Simon John Cox

RETURN FIRE PART 1 by Bernard Schaffer

RETURN FIRE PART 2 by Bernard Schaffer

RETURN FIRE PART 3 by Bernard Schaffer

RETURN FIRE PARTS 1-3 by Bernard Schaffer

July Update

What’s been going on around here of late? A lot actually!

My novel IN HER SKIN is back from my beta readers. I have several minor plot issues to address, then general notes (of which I have two pages!). The novel requires a slight rewrite from page 1, which sounds more major than it really is. This is the final draft I will make of IN HER SKIN before doing something with it, so now it’s all about refining it and making it shine. I’ve never spent so much time on one project, but I think the end result is worth it.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been writing a secret project I can’t say anything about. I’m doing it under a pseudonym. So I’ve been working on that during the day, and doing other stuff in the evening.

Part of that ‘other stuff’ has been working on the latest collaboration with Bernard Schaffer. It’s a new Confederation Reborn tale starring Captain Kirn and the crew of the Endeavor with the tentative title of THE FIRE ETERNAL. This one had an interesting developmental stage that I hope we’ll tell you all one day. It might prove insightful as to how these collaborations really come together.

My focus right now is in getting IN HER SKIN ready, and finishing this secret project. After that? Possibly OPERATION CHIMERA 2 or BLACK NOVA. We’ll see. I also want to get into my Colonial Wars series.

Amazon have changed the way they’re paying writers for Kindle Unlimited reads. We used to get paid by the borrow, but will now get paid by the PAGE. I’ve been checking my reports every day and, so far this month, have had 50,000 pages read. I am predicting at least 100,000 pages read by the end of the month. We’ll see how accurate I am, and how much Amazon are paying per page, in my August update.

My good friend Courtney Cantrell has a new novel out right now. If you’re a fantasy reader, it’ll be right up your alley.

The link, etc, is directly below. (And look at that cover!)



Rafe Skelleran is losing his mind. Weird nightmares ruin his sleep and dog his waking hours. Even the booze doesn’t help anymore. And the worst part of going crazy is he doesn’t even know why it’s happening.

In the midst of his descent into madness, a woman shows up on his doorstep, all curves and feisty foreign accent. This dream girl is real enough, but her babble about ancient wars and lurking enemies is the stuff of fantasies. Her rantings gain the weight of reality when an enemy arrives with an arsenal of otherworldly powers and tries to murder Rafe. Fleeing the destruction of his home, blood on his hands, Rafe realizes that if he wants to get out of this alive, he’s going to have to stick with a woman who’s possibly crazier than he is.

Besides, she knows about his dreams. She knows the green-eyed crone whose nightly pleas are driving Rafe insane. She says the old woman is real and that she can take Rafe to her. And Rafe can’t pass up the chance to find out the truth.

Hijacked to a strange world where he is surrounded by powerful, dangerous allies, Rafe soon realizes he’s no safer with these people than he was on his own. Every time he turns around, someone insists he’s not who he thinks he is. Every time he turns around, someone wants him dead. On the run with what seems the least of many evils, Rafe doesn’t have a single person in this strange land he can trust.

Even worse, he feels a dormant, volatile power knocking from within, urging him to let his magic loose. He must unlock it before facing his darkest enemy, for without it he can’t possibly survive. It’s that or accept an allegiance that will give him the worlds…if he’s willing to sell the last little bit of himself he has left.

An Update AND Free Books!

In case you missed it, my interview with STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS author ALAN DEAN FOSTER went live yesterday. Catch it HERE.

I have a number of free titles available this weekend. Have a browse through my catalog and see if any of them take your fancy. Find them at my Author Page.

Some of you are asking about Black Nova, still. It is coming. So is the sequel to Operation Chimera. So is the sequel to The Bloody North. So is the . . . you get my point. I am one man. I’m fast, but I ain’t THAT fast! Hahaha.

However, I’m doing my best. My latest novel, IN HER SKIN, is being read. I’m really pleased with it. No idea yet on what I’m doing with that one, so stay tuned.

Next up I am writing the first 6 parts of a new series, something a little different to Far From Home. It’s called COLONIAL WARS. I will have those 6 written by the end of August, and they will be out every couple of weeks over the summer. Here’s the cover to the first one:

Colonial Wars 1

To repeat, it is not connected to Far From Home in any way. Why am I writing these and not Black Nova? Because the story came alive for me, and I’ve learned that when that happens you have to go with the flow. I promise my readers will enjoy it. It’s a fresh spin on something I’ve been doing a little while. I wanted to tell the story of a war that was humanity v humanity, instead humans v aliens. I also wanted to follow several different characters, and have different plots intersecting with one another. That’s been really fun, and liberating. I do believe that the maximum I feel comfortable with (as a reader) is 3, so that’s what I’ve stuck with.

All 6 of these will be available on the Kindle for 99c, and will be FREE to Kindle to Amazon Prime users. At the end of the summer I will bring them all out in one package, so you have the choice of reading it as it develops, or waiting for the whole shebang.

I have projects tumbling from my ears right now, but I do intend on tackling my half of Operation Chimera 2 (that’s a working title, btw), and then writing the other 4 parts of Black Nova. As always, take care. I hope to do another update at the end of July, so you know where I am with Colonial Wars.

Trust me, you’re gonna like it.


Tony Healey’s Author Page

The Broken Stars Book 1 Cover Blank