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Planet of Ice is available on Kindle right now. All you have to do is Click HERE.

And if you haven’t read Age of Destiny yet . . . what’re you waiting for? Click HERE.

Planet of Ice (The Broken Stars, Book 2)

Planet of Ice v2


Bestselling independent authors Tony Healey and David K. Hulegaard present Planet Of Ice – Book 2 in The Broken Stars.

When a mysterious message prompts Delta to leave the crew unexpectedly, Max, Kort and K1RB pursue her to a mining colony on Quaris – a distant planet with a seedy reputation. To find Delta, the team must traverse a harsh, unforgiving environment; face certain death at the hands of murderous mercenaries; and uncover the powerful secrets hidden beneath the planet’s frozen crust . . .

Far From Home fan poll!!!

If you’re a fan of the series so far, it’s time for you to weigh in! Who do you want to make an appearance in the upcoming continuation of Far From Home? Your choice – get to it!


New Year Ruminations

2015 has been a good year. We’ve had good health, the kids have been well. My wife gave birth to our 4th daughter July 30th, and she’s going great guns – as of this writing, she’s trying to crawl. Time passes so quickly.

On the writing front, I landed an agent this year. I was signed by the wonderful Sharon Pelletier at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. I wrote a mystery/thriller with a supernatural element, and we’re in the process of trying to find a publisher for it. It’s written as the first in a series, and I honestly don’t think there’s anything like it out there.

I also published the long-gestating horror PAST DARK, and collaborated with Bernard Schaffer on his CONFEDERATION REBORN series. A collection of our co-written shenanigans can be found in THE VOYAGES OF CAPTAIN KIRN available now on Kindle.

I worked with David Hulegaard on a little project of ours called PLAYLIST, in which we both wrote stories based upon our favourite music. We published our efforts and they’ve been favourably recieved by both our readerships. His mini-collection is titled DARK BEYOND THE BLUE and is based upon the music of Hammock. My own, CITY OF NIGHT, is based upon the pre-1980’s work of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Far From Home: The Complete Trilogy sells well. Combining all 3 series together in one huge volume, I think it is good value to readers in that they get a decent discount on the series as a whole.

Writing slowed down after the birth of Lola at the end of July, and I didn’t see that coming. But what’re you gonna do, eh? Life happens. I have written a few short things since then, but nothing I’m happy releasing right now. Maybe in the new year.

This year I upgraded to the PS4, and had a lot of fun playing METAL GEAR SOLID GROUND ZEROES, and the truly vast and epic WITCHER 3. I’m currently pew-pewing away at STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT. I think it’s an 8/10 game to be honest. It’s lacking that Storyline Mode, and I think that in certain other modes you soon run out of interest with it. But I’m hoping for some decent updates to it this year. We’ll see. I’ve not completed Witcher 3 yet, so I’ll probably return to that. Also on the cards (loaned to me by a friend) is SHADOWS OF MORDOR which I’m looking forward to.

On the movie front, there was THE FORCE AWAKENS, MAD MAX, CREED, and a few other things. BLOODLINE on TV was amazing. THE BLACKLIST is over the top but awesome. There was a lot of good stuff to watch. And I’ve still not watched Season 3 of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK . . .

Musically, there was ROGER WATERS’ THE WALL LIVE, and THE TIES THAT BIND from The Boss. RATTLE THAT LOCK by David Gilmour was also a solid effort.

So on the writing front, I have a lot going on in 2016.

January sees the release of PLANET OF ICE by David Hulegaard and myself, which serves as the sequel to AGE OF DESTINY (in what we both hope is an ongoing collaboration. Indeed, there has already been some conversations about book 3, so watch this space).

In February, I’m taking the Far From Home series in a new direction with FAR FROM HOME CHRONICLES. The first book will be out by the end of the month, and is called THE COLD LIGHT OF STARS.

In March, that will be followed by THE EMBERS OF LOST WORLDS which also tackles the storyline of the abandoned BLACK NOVA serial, for those readers keeping track.

I’m hoping that Bernard and I get to work on more CONFEDERATION REBORN this year. I’ve really enjoyed what we’ve done so far. And the same can be said of working with David. Two solid writers who are a joy to work with. Also on the collaboration front, I’ll hopefully get around to writing the sequel to OPERATION CHIMERA with Matt Cox this year. It’s certainly long overdue.

For 2016 I’d like to have my thriller find a good publisher, and get to work on the sequel. I’d also like to write something a little more literary that I’ve had in mind for a long while. I’d like more readers to discover PAST DARK as I put a lot of work into that book.

My plan is to lose 100lb in weight this year. I’ll be recording what I’m doing, and keeping track of my loss, and will (if I manage it!) put all of this into a publication of some kind to help others looking to lose lots of weight. My weight has plagued me for years, and I’m currently at my biggest. So to hit that weight loss by years end will be fantastic, and I firmly believe that simply counting calories and having moderate exercise will do it.

Reading fell by the wayside a bit this year, for various reasons, but I’m hoping to get back on track in 2016. The best book I read was THE MARTIAN. It employed real, plausible science in a story that was thrilling and extremely funny. And Mr. Weir’s success in transitioning from an independent author to a big name in SF is to be applauded. It’s not luck, it’s the power of his work.

And for my fellow writers wondering when they’ll catch a break, I say this: hang on in there. Keep at it. The strength of your work, the power of something crafted with care and perseverance, will see you alright. Don’t be afraid to try new things; similarly, don’t feel that you can’t write to your audience and cater for demand. In my case, I have an established series (FAR FROM HOME) that’s doing well. I love writing those books. On the other hand, a book like PAST DARK hasn’t found its readership.

But that’s okay. It’ll happen. And it’ll happen for you, too. Exciting stories that are tight, controlled and have propulsive plots. Great covers that catch your eye. Ongoing series featuring characters readers can get to know and feel comfortable with. If you have these elements working in tandem, you’re onto a winner in my opinion. And in-between these books, you can experiment in other areas. Try your hand at romance. Or have a go at some non-fiction. Be fearless.

That’s what 2016 is going to be: The Year Of Being Fearless.

Why not join me?

Release Schedule!

I can now tell you that Planet Of Ice (The Broken Stars, Book 2) will be available by the end of January 2016. I will post closer to the time with an actual date. ARC’s are available to any who want them, simply email me tonyleehealey at gmail dot com. I am always happy to oblige in providing a free copy and ask only that you post an honest review when the book is made available for purchase. Every review (even 10 words long!) helps drive our books to readers, and we Indies are grateful for any and all we get.

The Cold Light Of Stars will follow at the end of February. And the immediate sequel, The Embers Of Lost Worlds, will follow in March. Again, a firmer date when I have one.

So, 3 solid months of releases for people to look forward to. AND I’ve decided what to do with the Black Nova storyline. All will be revealed . . .

I want to take this opportunity to wish my readers and friends a very Merry Christmas. I hope Santa produces from his great sack everything they desire! Here’s to 2016 – and all that it will bring.

The Force Awakens is everything you want it to be, and more…

I’ve just got home, fresh from a midnight screening of The Force Awakens. I won’t divulge spoilers here – if you want them, there are sites and blogs posting them. And I’m not a film critic, so I won’t give you a critical dissection of the film. However I am a Star Wars fan. And, being a writer, I am a fan of “Story”. I spend a lot of my time either thinking up my own, or examining the ways in which stories work.

The Force Awakens works. It really does. The film is not without its flaws – but they are few – but it works brilliantly. The introduction of new characters, of a new quest, of a new series of arcs, is a welcome breath of fresh of air. The prequels left fans disappointed and wanting. Episode 7 delivers in a big way. It works as its own film, but leaves a lot of things hanging for Episodes 8 and 9. And that’s great. We’ve had that before, don’t forget. At the end of Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo was captured in corbonite, Luke Skywalker was reeling from the revelation that his Father was Darth Vader, and the Rebels limped off into the sunset seemingly worse for wear.

There are also things that I feel Lucasfilm is holding onto for the novels and comics. Possibly the TV shows they’re working on. Questions relating to events that happened in the past, in the time between Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens. I’m sure all of those questions will get put to bed eventually.

We were let into the theater an hour before the film, and as every seat was rapidly filled, you could sense the expectation and excitement. When a guy walked in dressed as a Jedi and brandishing a glowing blue lightsabre, the entire audience cheered for him. As the trailers finished, and the Lucasfilm logo appeared, a silence fell over the theater.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . .

Then: BOOM! Everyone cheered, clapped, as STAR WARS burst onto the screen and the film began. I’m not even going to divulge the opening crawl, because I deem that a spoiler. But you’re literally thrown straight into the story. And JJ Abrams provides the most unique opening to a Star Wars film thus far.

The film is funny, and Harrison Ford is great in it. The new cast is great, also. Particularly Adam Driver as Kylo Ren. He literally steals the show, and you get the feeling we’ve never had a Star Wars villain quite like him – he’s not Darth Vader, not completely evil, but he’s almost there. Kylo Ren is a villain for a modern Star Wars audience. What we love about characters like Hannibal Lecter and Walter White is what audience will love about Kylo Ren; that he’s a mixture of shades, a maelstrom of emotion. He’s caught between the darkness and the light, and Adam Driver wrenches everything out of that conflict that he can in a performance that is jaw dropping, to be honest.

The Force Awakens is JJ Abrams’ best film to date, and the sequel to Return Of The Jedi we’ve all waited decades for. Forget the prequels. You don’t need them. There has been an awakening.